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Statistical Inference For Everyone

Statistical Inference For Everyone.pdf
This is a new approach to an introductory statistical inference textbook, motivated by probability theory as logic. It is targeted to the typical Statistics 101 college student, and covers the topics typically covered in the first semester of such a…

Applied Probability

Applied Probability.pdf
This is a "first course" in the sense that it presumes no previous course in probability. The mathematical prerequisites are ordinary calculus and the elements of matrix algebra. A few standard series and integrals are used, and double integrals are…

Statistical Analysis with The General Linear Model

Statistical Analysis with The General Linear Model.pdf
This course is about a large and complex set of statistical methods tied together by a unifying conceptual framework known as “The General Linear Model” (GLM). This model can be used to answer an amazing variety of research questions within an…

Introductory Statistics

ntroductory Statistics is designed for the one-semester, introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. This text assumes students have been exposed to intermediate algebra, and it…

OpenIntro Statistics

OpenIntro Statistics.pdf
The OpenIntro project was founded in 2009 to improve the quality and availability of education by producing exceptional books and teaching tools that are free to use and easy to modify. The inaugural effort is OpenIntro Statistics. Probability is…

Foundations in Statistical Reasoning

Foundations in Statistical Reasoning.pdf
This book starts by presenting an overview of the statistical thought process. By the end of chapter 2, students are already familiar with concepts such as hypotheses, level of significance, p-values, errors. Normally these topics are not introduced…