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Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics follows scope and sequence requirements of a one-semester introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. The text assumes some knowledge of intermediate…

Anatomy & Physiology

AnatomyandPhysiology-OP_3dxKNqG (1).pdf
Human anatomy is the scientific study of the body’s structures. Some of these structures are very small and can only be observed and analyzed with the assistance of a microscope. Other larger structures can readily be seen, manipulated, measured, and…

Concepts of Biology

Concepts of Biology is designed for the typical introductory biology course for nonmajors, covering standard scope and sequence requirements. The text includes interesting applications and conveys the major themes of biology, with content that is…

Beyond Dichotomy: Synergizing Writing Center and Classroom Pedagogies

How closely can or should writing centers and writing classrooms collaborate? Beyond Dichotomy explores how research on peer tutoring one-to-one and in small groups can inform our work with students in writing centers and other tutoring programs, as…

Research Methods in Psychology (New Zealand edition)

This textbook is an adaptation of the Research Methods in Psychology that is available on this site in US and Canadian editions. This New Zealand edition is an adaptation to the New Zealand context. The main changes are in Chapters 1 and 3 and the…

Water Systems Technology Program

Water 020 Text - 3rd Edition (2).pdf
Water Systems and Technology is a program designed to provide the student with enough information to build a successful and lasting career in the water and wastewater industry. It is a by professionals within the industry and within academia. Upon…

Water Distribution Operator II

Pipeline projects can be small jobs requiring only a few sticks of pipe. Or, they can be extensive jobs covering several miles or more. Regardless of the size of the job, it is important to properly plan. Preparing the pipe at the job site is an…

Principles and Procedures of the Justice System

Admin of Just 110 (RD5).pdf
Ernesto Miranda (D) was convicted for kidnapping, rape, and robbery by the Arizona criminal courts. D appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court but the conviction was sustained. The U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari to determine the role police have…

A First Course in LINEAR ALGEBRA an Open Text

Kuttler-LinearAlgebra-AFirstCourse-2017A (2).pdf
A First Course in Linear Algebra presents an introduction to the fascinating subject of linear algebra for students who have a reasonable understanding of basic algebra. Major topics of linear algebra are presented in detail, with proofs of important…

Business Information Systems: Design an App for That

Busines infor.png
nformation systems are the combination of people, information technology, and business processes to
accomplish a business objective. Every information system (IS) has people, processes, and information technology. In fact, many IS professionals add…

forallX: an Introduction to Formal Logic

Logic is the business of evaluating arguments, sorting good ones from bad ones. In everyday language, we sometimes use the word ‘argument’ to refer to belligerent shouting matches. If you and a friend have an argument in this sense,
things are not…

A Concise Introduction to Logic

A Concise Introduction to Logic is an introduction to formal logic suitable for undergraduates taking a general education course in logic or critical thinking, and is accessible and useful to any interested in gaining a basic understanding of logic. …

Steps to Success : Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy
Research and Practice

Steps to Success: Crossing the Bridge Between Literacy Research and Practice introduces instructional strategies linked to the most current research-supported practices in the field of literacy. The book includes chapters related to…

Analytical Chemistry 2.1

Chemistry is the study of matter, including its composition, its structure, its physical properties,
and its reactivity. Although there are many ways to study chemistry, traditionally we divide it into ve areas: organic chemistry, inorganic…

Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

The Bankruptcy Rules and Forms govern procedure in cases under title 11 of the United States Code. The rules shall be cited as the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and the forms as the Official Bankruptcy Forms. These rules shall be construed to…


These are the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) as amended to December 01, 2016. The FRCP govern civil proceedings in the United States district courts and are often the foundation for the standard 1L law school course, Civil Procedure.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

This publication contains the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as amended to December 1, 2014. These materials have been complied by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School (LII) and published by the Center for Computer-Assisted…

Federal Rules of Evidence

These are the Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) as effective December 01, 2016. The FRE govern the introduction of evidence in civil and criminal trials in United States federal courts. These Rules are often the foundation for the standard upper level…

English Composition

Socrates: And now, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightenedor unenlightened: — Behold!
human beings living in a underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their…

Physical Anthropology

Antrhopology 101 Final V1.pdf
Anthropology is the study of what makes us human. Anthropologists take a broad approach to understanding
the many different aspects of the human experience, which we call holism. They consider the past, through
archaeology, to see how human groups…

Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning

Introduction to Art-082817.pdf
We live in a rapidly changing world in which images play an important, even central, role. With
widespread use of personal electronics, we instantaneously deliver and receive sound, video, and
text messages. Corporations and governments worldwide…

An Introduction to Ontology Engineering

This first general textbook An introduction to ontology engineering has as main aim to provide the reader with a comprehensive introductory overview of ontology engineering. A secondary aim is to provide hands-on experience in ontology development…

An Introduction to Cooperation and Mutualism

This textbook introduces readers to the idea of cooperation and mutualism. Cooperatives and mutuals are participatory organizations in which members participate in control and governance, receive economic benefits through patronage refunds or net…

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Employment Discrimination

This Chapter will address the current protections that are available to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) individuals who allege they have been victims of employment discrimination. The Chapter’s primary focus will be on federal…

LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT: A Psychological Perspective

Developmental Psychology, also known as Human Development or Lifespan Development, is
the scientific study of ways in which people change, as well as stay the same, from conception to
death. You will no doubt discover in the course of studying that…

Learning Statistics with R: A tutorial for psychology students and other beginners

Learning Statistics with R covers the contents of an introductory statistics class, as typically taught to undergraduate psychology students, focusing on the use of the R statistical software. The book discusses how to get started in R as well as…

Introductory Business Statistics

You are probably asking yourself the question, "When and where will I use statistics?" If you read any newspaper, watch television, or use the Internet, you will see statistical information. There are statistics about crime, sports, education,…

Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license, which means that you can distribute, remix, and build upon the content, as long as you provide attribution to OpenStax and its content…

College Algebra

It’s a cold day in Antarctica. In fact, it’s always a cold day in Antarctica. Earth’s southernmost continent, Antarctica experiences the coldest, driest, and windiest conditions known. The coldest temperature ever recorded, over one hundred degrees…

Principles of Accounting, Volume 2: Managerial Accounting

ManagerialAccounting-Draft_qyIPZ6p (1).pdf
Principles of Accounting is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of a two-semester
accounting course that covers the fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting. This book is
specifically designed to appeal to both…

U.S. History

U.S. History is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of most introductory courses. The text provides a balanced approach to U.S. history, considering the people, events, and ideas that have shaped the United States from both the top…

American Government

Since its founding, the United States has relied on citizen participation to govern at the local, state, and
national levels. This civic engagement ensures that representative democracy will continue to flourish and
that people will continue to…

Water Supply and Demand in California

Water 032_Version1.2.pdf
You’re about to understand water demand and water supply more deeply. This understanding is going to change how you look at your water bill, grass in your yard and around town, and all those canals you see while driving around in…


Water 031 Book 5th Edition.pdf
The converting (or cancelling) of units is the most important concept in waterworks mathematics. You may be working with million gallons, cubic feet, acre feet, feet per second, gallons per minute, milligrams per liter, pounds per gallon, yard,…

Exploring Movie Construction & Production: What’s so exciting about movies

Exploring-Movie-Construction-and-Production-150222079 (2).pdf
This book is designed in this manner because, as a college film instructor at a community college
for 18 years, I have found that the biggest difficulty students have with a film course is the textbook.
Other textbooks give examples from numerous…

Kansas State University Human Nutrition Flexbook

Kansas State University Human Nutrition (FNDH 400) Flexbook.pdf
The CK-12 foundation defines a flexbook as a “free and open source textbook platform where
one can build and edit collaborative textbooks1
.” The FNDH 400 (formerly HN 400, department
changed its name from Human Nutrition to Food, Nutrition,…

The Art of Being Human: A Textbook for Cultural

The Art of Being Human_ A Textbook for Cultural Anthropology.pdf
Anthropology is the study of all humans in all times in all places. But it is so much more than that. “Anthropology requires strength, valor, and courage,” Nancy Scheper-Hughes noted. “Pierre Bourdieu called anthropology a combat sport, an extreme…


Esta publicación es posible gracias al proyecto “Fortaleciendo la Democracia a través del Ciudadanía Digital en Chile y México”, desarollado por La Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile y el Instituto Belisario Domínguez del Senado de México, y…


This course material has been created for the course “Evaluation of comprehension and oral and written production in English” (LCL 462) from the English Language Teaching (ELT) program at the Institute of Literature and Language Sciences, Pontificia…

An Introduction to Sustainable Business

Going green, green business, and sustainable business are topics on everyone’s mind. But what does all this mean exactly? A Primer on Sustainable Business answers that question and provides an introduction to the basics you need to know. We begin…

An Introduction to Organizational Communication

We know that choosing the appropriate textbook for your classroom is always a time consuming process. Communication Within, Between, and Among Organizational Stakeholders: Theory, Research, and Practice for the 21st Century will include a lot…

An Introduction to Nutrition

As we get started on our journey into the world of health and nutrition, our first focus will be to demonstrate that nutritional science is an evolving field of study, continually being updated and supported by research, studies, and trials. Once…

Accounting for Managers

Answer: Financial accounting1 focuses on providing historical financial information to external users. External users are those outside the company,
including owners (e.g., shareholders) and creditors (e.g., banks or bondholders). Financial…

Psychology Research Methods

The research methods course is among the most frequently required in the psychology major—and with good reason. Consider that a cross-cultural psychologist and a cognitive neuroscientist meeting at a professional conference might know next to nothing…

Success in College

College Success has a student-friendly format arranged to help you develop the essential skills and provide the information you need to succeed in college. This is not a textbook full of theory and extensive detail that merely discusses…

Social Psychology Principles

Social psychology is the scientific study of how we feel about, think about, and behave toward the people around us and how our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are influenced by those people. As this definition suggests, the subject matter of…

Music Theory

The manner in which music theory has been traditionally taught is now in a state of flux. Originally, the study of music theory was designed to acquaint the music student or knowledgeable amateur with the composer’s working materials in “Classical”…

Culture and Media

In 1850, an epidemic swept America—but instead of
leaving victims sick with fever or flu, this epidemic
involved a rabid craze for the music of Swedish soprano Jenny Lind. American showman P. T. Barnum (who would later go on to found the circus now…

A Primer on Social Problems . v. 1.0

The founders of American sociology a century or more ago in cities like Atlanta and Chicago wanted to reduce social inequality, to improve the lives of people of color,
and more generally to find solutions to the most vexing social problems of their…

A Primer on Politics

An Introduction to Politics proposes to chart a path that is at once a little more brief, concise and in between than those textbooks currently on the market. As this class
is usually taught to freshmen, there is little to be gained and much to be…

The Changing Story: digital stories that participate in transforming teaching & learning

Stories are at the heart of how we are motivated to learn; they are the hub of the knowledge-wheel. In each chapter of this digital book, from the scaffolding assignments to the examples of students' digital stories, my goal is to provide you with…

OER: A Field Guide for Academic Librarians

OER_ A Field Guide for Academic Librarians.pdf
We intend this book to act as a guide writ large for would-be champions of OER, that anyone—called to
action by the example set by our chapter authors—might serve as guides themselves. The following chapters
tap into the deep experience of…

Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom

Teaching Autoethnography: Personal Writing in the Classroom is dedicated to the practice of immersive ethnographic and autoethnographic writing that encourages authors to participate in the communities about which they write. This book draws not only…

Writing in College: From Competence to Excellence

Writing in College is designed for students who have largely mastered high-school level conventions of formal academic writing and are now moving beyond the five-paragraph essay to more advanced engagement with text. It is well suited to composition…

Exploring Movie Construction & Production: What’s so exciting about movies

What is it about watching movies that makes it one of our favorite pastimes? Is it the star of the movie? Is it the hype about the movie? Is it because it is an action movie or thriller? Do you like comedies so you can laugh? Most people do. Genesee…


The purpose of a technical report is to completely and clearly describe technical work, why it was done, results obtained and implications of those results. Following the guidelines provided in this document should lead to a well-written technical…


The purpose of this text is quite simple. It fits my teaching needs and in doing so, I assert that it too may fit your needs. I offer this script in whole or part for your use and would encourage peer feedback. I have written this from the lens of a…


Active Calculus 1.0.pdf
In Active Calculus, we endeavor to actively engage students in learning the subject through an activity-driven approach in which the vast majority of the examples are completed by students. Where many texts present a general theory of calculus…

Abnormal Psychology

Have you ever wondered whether the violence you see on television affects your behavior? Are you
more likely to behave aggressively in real life after watching people behave violently in dramatic
situations on the screen? Or, could seeing fictional…


Gilbert Strang's clear, direct style and detailed, intensive explanations make this textbook ideal as both a course companion and for self-study. Single variable and multivariable calculus are covered in depth. Key examples of the application of…

Social Problems: Continuity and Change

As always in my books, I express my personal and professional debt to two sociologists, Norman Miller and Forrest Dill. Norman Miller was my first sociology professor in college and led me in his special way into a discipline and profession that…

Physical Science Laboratory

For many people, it is difficult in today’s world to make a guess. People tend to prefer to look up the answer rather than use experience to attempt an answer. However, scientific theories and laws often begin with a guess based on logic and…

Wastewater Treatment &
Disposal II

Water 2.pdf
The wastewater collection system is the network of pipes that convey the wastewater from households and business to a wastewater treatment facility. Each customer will have a lateral connected to the main sewer lines. In order to keep sediment from…

Wastewater Treatment &Disposal I

Proper wastewater treatment and disposal is essential for the vitality of a functioning society. Without it, a community’s environment can be severely polluted and the health of the public is at great risk. To better understand the relationship…

Water Treatment Plant Operation Processes I

A very finite amount of water on our planet (0.34%) is available to treat for human consumption. Knowing where the water comes from assists certified operators in treating raw source water to make it potable. Newer technology has been developed to…

Water Distribution Operator I

Water Distribution  1.pdf
A water distribution system is nothing more than a network of components designed to deliver water from a source to a user. It can be thought of as an array of piping networks and various pieces of equipment taking water from one location and…


WATER 035_version 1 online cover.pdf
This chapter presents a brief introduction on the water sources that are available for potable supply; detailed information is presented in Water 032 (Water Supply). Understanding the water sources used for potable application is important to…

Introduction to Water Systems Technology

Water 020 Text - 3rd Edition (2).pdf
Water Systems and Technology is a program designed to provide the student with enough information to build a successful and lasting career in the water and wastewater industry. It is a program that has been developed by professionals within the…

Cognitive Psychology

Cgnitive Psychology.pdf
Imagine all of your thoughts as if they were physical entities, swirling rapidly inside your mind. How is it possible that the brain is able to move from one thought to the next in an organized, orderly fashion? The brain is endlessly perceiving,…

Developmental Psychology

Psychology 172 Textbook with cover.pdf
Welcome to the study of human growth and development, commonly referred to as the “womb to tomb” course because it is the story of our journeys from conception to death. Human development is the study of how we change over time. Think about how you…


Student Success.pdf
In Unit One, you will have the opportunity to identify your self-talk habits and how it impacts your everyday life
and college success. You will learn about growth and fixed mindset as it relates to learning. We often think we
are open to learning…


Health Science 100 V3.pdf
In the Oxford English Dictionary health is defined as: ‘the state of being free from sickness, injury, disease, bodily conditions; something indicating good bodily condition.”
Clearly, health is not quite as simple as the definition implies. The…

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Fundamentals of Public Speaking V 5.2.4_updated.pdf
Given the demands for good communication skills in the civic realm and in the workplace, a course in public speaking is perhaps more important than ever. There is no quick path to a great speech. Good speaking is developed through practice and hard…

An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication: A Primer on Communication Studies

COMS 246 DRAFT 3.pdf
By its very nature communication is not a skill we are born with. If lucky, we are born with the senses necessary to learn to use the communication skills we can
learn. Our journey in interpersonal communication will be to take the senses that we…

Business 211
Introduction to Business Law

BUSINESS 211_V1.pdf
Lawhas different meanings as well as differentfunctions. Philosophers have considered issues of justice and law for centuries, and several different approaches,
or schools of legal thought, have emerged. In this chapter, we will look at those…

General Biology : Bisoci 100 manual Laboratory

The purpose of creating this custom lab manual for BioSci 100 was to provide our students with a high quality, low cost learning resource. This project would not have
been possible without the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff in…

AC Circuits

AC Circuits, 1st Edition - Davis, 2017.pdf
This eBook was written as the sequel to the eBook titled DC Circuits, which was written in 2016 by Chad Davis. This eBook covers Alternating Current (AC) circuit theory as well as a brief introduction of electronics. It is broken up into seven…


Welcome to the wonderful world of microbiology! Yay! So. What is microbiology? If we break the
word down it translates to “the study of small life,” where the small life refers to microorganisms or
microbes. But who are the microbes? And how small…

An Introduction to Technical Theatre

An Introduction to Technical Theatre.pdf
An Introduction to Technical Theatre draws on the author’s experience in both the theatre and the classroom over the last 30 years. Intended as a resource for both secondary and post-secondary theatre courses, this text provides a comprehensive…

A Primer on Sustainable Business

A Primer on Sustainable Business.pdf
As you read A Primer on Sustainable Business, we challenge you to not think of sustainability as a program, an initiative, or an activity. Rather, sustainability is a mind-set, a philosophy, and worldview. Throughout each chapter, you are challenged…

The Adventure of Physics - Vol. VI: The Strand Model - A Speculation on Unification

his book is written for anybody who is intensely curious about nature and motion. Have you ever asked: Why do people, animals, things, images and empty space move? The answer leads to many adventures, and this book presents one of the best of them:…

The Adventure of Physics - Vol. V: Motion Inside Matter - Pleasure, Technology, and Stars

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Curiosity about how bodies, images and empty space move leads to many adventures. This volume presents the best adventures about the motion inside people, inside animals, and…

The Adventure of Physics - Vol. III: Light, Charges, and Brains

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Curiosity about how people, animals, things, images and space move leads to many adventures. This volume presents the adventures one encounters when exploring everything…

The Adventure of Physics - Vol. II: Relativity

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Curiosity about how people, animals, things, images and empty space move leads to many adven- tures. This volume presents the best of them in the domains of relativity and…

The Adventure of Physics - Vol. I: Fall, Flow, and Heat

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Curiosity about how people, animals, things, images and space move leads to many adventures. This volume presents the best of them in the domain of everyday life.


The Adventure of Physics - Vol. IV: The Quantum of Change

This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and motion. Have you ever asked: Why do people, animals, things, images and space move? The answer leads to many adventures; this volume presents those due to the discovery that there is a…

Body Physics: Motion to Metabolism

Body Physics was designed to meet the objectives of a
one-term high school or freshman level course in
physical science, typically designed to provide nonscience majors and undeclared students with exposure
to the most basic principles in physics…

Semiconductor Devices: Theory and Application

Just as the late eighteenth through nineteenth centuries are known as the industrial age due to the rise of
mechanization, the twentieth century can be referred to as the beginning of the electronic age. The first half of
the century was dominated…

Operational Amplifiers & Linear Integrated Circuits:
Theory and Application / 3E

Before we can begin our study of the operational amplifier, it is very important that certain background elements
be in place. The purpose of this chapter is to present the very useful analysis concepts and tools associated with
the decibel…

Microbiology: A Laboratory Experience

As a group of organisms that are too small to see and best known for being agents of disease and death, microbes are not always appreciated for the numerous supportive and positive contributions they make to the living world. Designed to support a…

Chinese Rhetoric and Writing: An Introduction for Language Teachers

The primary aim of this book is to give teachers of writing, especially those involved in the teaching of English academic writing to Chinese students, an
introduction to key stages in the development of Chinese rhetoric. The book will make Western…

Develop a portfolio to demonstrate school leadership & management competence

As a student on the ACE programme for school leadership you will be actively involved in a learning process aimed at developing or improving your competencen in respect of a range of areas relating to your management and leadership role in the school…

Scholarly Communications

In an academic research environment, scholarly communications become central part of the process of deliberations. Scholarly communications are carried out using certain channels of communicat ions by scholars and academicians. Most important ones…

Introduction to Computer Graphics

Introduction to Computer Graphics is a free, on-line textbook covering the fundamentals of computer graphics and computer graphics programming. This book is meant for use as a textbook in a one-semester course that would typically be taken by…

Embedded Controllers Using C and Arduino / 2E

This text is designed to introduce and expand upon material related to the C programming language and embedded controllers, and specifically, the Arduino development system and associated Atmel ATmega microcontrollers. It is intended to fit the time…

Implementing a One Address CPU in Logisim

Implementing a One Address CPU in Logisim.pdf
Most computer users have an incorrect, but useful, cognitive metaphor for computers in which the user says (or types or clicks) something and a mystical, almost intelligent or magical, behavior happens. It is not a stretch to describe computer users…


Trigonometry Text 2015.pdf
The precursors to what we study today as Trigonometry had their origin in ancient Mesopotamia, Greece and India. These cultures used the concepts of angles and lengths as an aid to understanding the movements of the heavenly bodies in the night sky.…

Chemical Process Dynamics and Controls

Process controls is a mixture between the statistics and engineering discipline that deals with the mechanism, architectures, and algorithms for controlling a process. Some examples of controlled processes are:
•Controlling the temperature of a…

Building Maintenance & Construction: Tools and Maintenance Tasks

Building-Maintenance-amp-Construction-Tools-and-Maintenance-Tasks-Interactive (1).pdf
Building Maintenance & Construction: Tools and Maintenance Tasks introduces and develops knowledge of basic building maintenance tools and materials, applied skills and techniques, industry health and safety tandards, and preventive maintenance and…

Introduction to Financial Accounting - First US Edition

Accounting is often called the language of business because it uses a unique vocabulary to communicate information to decision makers. In this chapter, we will discuss what financial accounting is and briefly introduce how financial information is…

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business covers the scope and sequence of most introductory business courses. The book provides detailed explanations in the context of core themes such as customer satisfaction, ethics, entrepreneurship, global business, and managing…

Technical Project Management in Living and Geometric Order

Technical-Project-Management-in-Living-and-Geometric-Order-1540416720 (1).pdf
This book is the result of a collaboration among the three instructors responsible for Technical Project Management, one of the ten required classes in the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison. The…

Business Ethics

Business Ethics is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the single-semester business ethics course. This title includes innovative features designed to enhance student learning, including case studies, application scenarios, and…

American Environmental History

Environmental History is about looking at the past as if the environment matters. American History is about looking at the past of not only the United States, but of both the American continents. This wider view is especially
important when we…

Veterinary Histology

The roles of veterinarians in society range from clinician to researcher, food inspector to enlisted military officer. Critical to the educational training of all of these veterinarians is the fundamental understanding of basic anatomy, both gross…

Media, Society, Culture and You
Subtitle : An Introductory Mass Communication Text

Media-Society-Culture-and-You 1.pdf
Interpersonal communication generally refers to
the exchange of meaning between two or more
people on a personal, often one-on-one, level.
Interpersonal communication can be verbal or
nonverbal. Most often, it happens in face-to-face

Principles of Financial Accounting

Accounting may be defined as the process of analyzing, classifying, recording, summarizing, and interpreting business transactions. One of the key aspects of the
process is keeping “running totals” of “things.” Examples of items a business might…

Principles of Social Psychology

Have you ever had trouble teaching the various topics of social psychology and fitting them together to form a coherent field? Unnamed Author felt like he was presenting a laundry list of ideas, research studies, and phenomena, rather than an…

Introduction to Psychology

When you teach Introduction to Psychology, do you find it difficult — much harder than teaching classes in statistics or research methods? Do you easily give a lecture on the sympathetic nervous system, a lecture on Piaget, and a lecture on social…

General Psychology: An Introduction

General Psychology_ An Introduction (1).pdf
This module provides an introduction and overview of the historical development of the science and practice of psychology in America. Ever-increasing specialization within the field often makes it difficult to discern the common roots from which the…

Educational Psychology

A teacher named Ashley reflects: She looked around the classroom, enjoying a blessed moment of quiet after the students left at the end of the day. “Ashley, the teacher, that’s me”, she said proudly to the empty room. “But why am I doing this?” she…

Message Processing: The Science of Creating Understanding

This chapter introduces “message processing” as a study of human communication processes, with a focus on how people create understanding in interaction. It explains how “message processing” contrasts with traditional approaches to studying human…

Delftse Foundations of Computation

DelftseFoundations of Computation.pdf
Delftse Foundations of Computation is a textbook for a one quarter introductory course in theoretical computer science. It includes topics from propositional
and predicate logic, proof techniques, set theory and the theory of computation, along with…

How to think like a computer scientist

The goal of this book is to teach you to think like a computer scientist. I like the way computer scientists think because they combine some of the best features of Mathematics, Engineering, and Natural Science. Like mathematicians, computer…

Language in leadership and management

Why does language provide such a fascinating object of study? Perhaps because of its unique role in capturing the breadth of human thought and endeavour. We
look around us and are awed by the variety of several thousand languages and dialects,…

Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra.pdf
Elementary Algebra is a work text that covers the traditional topics studied in a modern elementary algebra course. Use of this book will help the student develop the insight and intuition necessary to master algebraic techniques and manipulative…

Principles of Macroeconomics

Welcome to Principles of Macroeconomics, an OpenStax College resource. This textbook has been created with
several goals in mind: accessibility, customization, and student engagement—all while encouraging students toward high levels of academic…

Accounting and Financial Information

Accounting is often called “the language of business” because it communicates so much of the information that owners, managers, and investors need to evaluate a company’s financial performance. These people are stakeholders in the business—they’re…

Basic Arithmetic Student Workbook

Basic Arithmetic Workbook.pdf
This workbook was created through the efforts of three instructors at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona, has been used by thousands of students, and is continually improved. This workbook contains have lessons that were carefully…